Swedish National Hacking Team

Upcoming SNHT Qualifiers

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is an annual CTF held in Stockholm with a unique rev oriented style

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Säkerhets-SM is a beginner friendly competition targeting High School students with finals at Chalmers campus.

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Latest Engagements

ECSC Participation

Date: 2022-09-13

We are proud to announce that our team was able to achieve a top 6 finish in the last European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) competition!

We faced some tough challenges, but were able to come out with a good placement thanks to our hard work and dedication.

ECSC is an annually held cybersecurity competition with a mixed format of Jeopardy and Attack Defense, targetting young professionals and students from across Europe.


Date: 2022-06-19

This year we are starting a new tradition! Introducing Bootcamp: an intensive full week practical take on learning.

Throughout the week, the participants get to learn valuable knowledge from industry professionals, teambuild with eachother, create new connections and friends while staying at an all-inclusive Hotel in Lidingö.

Participation is granted based on Qualification = Midnight Sun || Säkerhets-SM.

The SNHT team is composed based on this event.


Sweden is undergoing a digital transformation, but a shortage of cyber security professionals threatens to leave our critical services vulnerable.

SNHT is an initiative to attract, identify and train the next generation of cyber security experts. Our goal is to establish a National Swedish Hacking Team that will represent Sweden in the European Cyber Security Challenge. By creating this team, we hope to inspire more young people to pursue a career in cyber security and help secure a digitalized Sweden.


The Swedish National Hacking Team can be contacted at snht@cparta.se

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